Success Stories - Christine 

"my weight has dropped from 20s7lbs to 15s6lbs Clothes size has dropped from a 24/26 to 16/18"

What did I learn

Small goals work better than being daunted by end goal .. longest journey starts with a single step

  • watch to all the vlogs – loads of pearls of wisdom and they are good :)
  • don’t panic to get it 100% right all the time. That’s why you have a coach
  • ask questions -they know loads
  • read all the stuff you get sent

Since last Nov my weight has dropped from 20s7lbs to 15s6lbs

Clothes size has dropped from a 24/26 to 16/18

Best bits – Ooodddles more energy and zest for life
My knees don’t hurt so much so I’m more active as a result

Way of eating is really ingrained , not to say I don’t manage 100% of 100% of days – but I do know what situations to look out for and plan around them and get back on the bus !
It’s been the best investment I’ve made in me for years

This has been the best investments I’ve made just for me.
I know that I’ll not be perfect all the time and that’s okay – because life is about following a sustainable nutrition plan, not being “on diet and being good “ or off diet and eating everything in sight .

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