Sustain Nutrition Success Stories

Over 10,000 people have changed their lives with Sustain Nutrition. Get inspired and check out their incredible stories.

Claire's Story

I can’t believe the difference in me from this time last year! I’d lost all my confidence! I had tried every fad diet going and stuck to them for a few months lost weight but never ever managed to keep it off! I signed up to do a 7 day kickstart in March ‘19 not expecting it being any different to my previous attempts at weight loss and diets. How wrong could I have been! To date I have LOST 20 KG !!!:)


Helena's Story

After nearly 10 years, I feel like me again. Never have I ever felt such a feeling of freedom and liberation in a body that I am totally proud of. I’ve lost 2 stone but that is the smallest change during my time with Sustain. Joe has helped me more than I could rightly put into words.


Gavin's Story

"Sustain gave me the accountability I needed, the thought process behind making healthy decisions, as opposed to choosing a chocolate bar and bottle of pop for lunch and having to tell Joe, my coach, was the deal breaker. Without a doubt, I'm 100% certain, it was this accountability and the Ten Commandments guidelines that have helped me achieve what I have."



Kat was tired of putting herself second after her kids, super fit hubby and career. Now she's putting herself first and 17lbs down.

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I feel the best I have in decades and extremely lucky to be approaching this year a much happier individual. I really can’t thank you guys enough.

Read Laura's story


I have gained a love for exercise and increased self confidence as I actually don’t mind what I see in the mirror now.

Read Alison's story


Having a great coach who you're in daily contact with has made a massive difference. Joe has been fantastic!

Read Rosalyn's Story


My coach has been invaluable. Yes, it’s partly about the accountability of sending in a daily food diary (that helps me focus), but it’s mainly about the support and encouragement.

Read Nigel's Story


I’ve still got a way to go in my journey but I’ve found something that works for me and I know I’ll be continuing with Sustain.

Read Shirley's story


I feel the best I have in decades and extremely lucky to be approaching this year a much happier individual. I really can’t thank you guys enough.

Read Christine's story


My journey has been much easier than I thought. James my coach ….brilliant..truthful…funny and to the point!!

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Daily Coaching

13 week programme


  • 1-2-1 expert coaching
  • 100% personalised advice
  • Daily support and accountability


  • Quick and easy food portion sizing system
  • Family friendly plan
  • No restrictive dieting
  • Learn how to balance treats


  • End bad habits and build healthy ones.
  • Learn how to set goals
  • Discover how to stay motivated
  • Willpower training and techniques


  • Variety of training plans suitable for all levels
  • Personalised advice and education
  • Home and gym workout available


Elite Coaching

13 week programme

Everything in the Daily Coaching plan plus:

  • Access to the most experienced Sustain coaches, with a decade of client experience to help you
  • Unrivalled depth of support - weekly calls, daily emails, instant messenger when you need
  • A new approach - getting to the root of WHY. We've studied and worked in the field of fat loss for so long that we are skilled to get to the root of the mindsets and habits that block you, often unknowingly. We find the skills you've never been taught and educate you into actioning these long term.

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