Meet Joe

Having been naturally slim, athletic and completely useless at cooking a career in nutrition didn’t seem likely for me. I completed my history degree in 2011 with a realisation that law was a boring career choice for me and a new found passion for coaching, I moved sideways into personal training.

4 years at Virgin Active, a year at a private gym with lots of courses and self taught learning thrown into the mix and Sustain Nutrition came to fruition.

2015 marked the start of our journey with Sustain and I have loved every minute, seeing the business grow, helping change lives and developing myself into a better coach. I am excited to help Sustain to reach more people and improve myself as a coach.

I have a real passion for knowledge and finding more ways to help my clients change their lives. I love coaching people, helping them challenge their beliefs and changing for the better. Helping people gives me something money can’t buy and if you’d like to book in a call with me to see how I could help you personally, click the link below - insert link to calendly.

Meet James

I don’t like any sport and I don’t have elite level genetics, I can’t sing or dance so becoming a Personal trainer seemed a logical career for me.

All joking asides, I am very passionate about what I do.

My main drive (besides my family) is to help as many people break free of the old diet paradigm as I possibly can.

There is nothing that brings me joy more than being part of someones journey who can go from being overwhelmed, frustrated and fearful to becoming confident, in control and happy with the choices they make.

With 20 years of experience in the ‘fitness Industry’ I love sharing my humble yet often very accurate opinion and advice with my clients (or anyone that asks).