Success Stories - Nigel 

"My coach has been invaluable. Yes, it’s partly about the accountability of sending in a daily food diary (that helps me focus), but it’s mainly about the support and encouragement"

‘‘So, this is me just over 6 months ago (I’m the taller one in case you were wondering…):

Never really had any problems with food other than eating too much of the wrong things! Didn’t like to see photos of myself as I didn’t like the way I looked.

Then I found Sustain. I hesitated at first – the transformations looked great, but could I really manage that? Surely I’d have to starve myself….. And why was it a 12 week programme – it had
taken me 40 years to learn what to eat to get to that shape so no way was it only going to take 12 weeks to learn new habits.

I only signed up when Joe & James said they would coach me for as long as I needed it – partly because I didn’t know how long I would need and partly because I felt I could blame my coach if it didn’t work for me!

And I decided that I’d quite like to see my Adams Apple again, to catch up and see how it was getting on.
As you can see, it was quite well hidden.

So, I’ve now been on the plan with a coach for 6 months. And this is me now.

I’ve not yet found my Adams Apple but I’m a lot closer:

So, still some way to go, but I’m getting there! It’s been much easier than I expected, mainly because I’ve never stopped having a coach. I’ve seen lots of comments on the Nation from people who did the plan for 12 weeks, went on their own and while some have maintained or continued to lose weight, many seem to have put some weight back on. And I don’t want to do that, I’m tired of trying to lose weight regularly, achieving short-term success only to find it creeps back on as soon as I lose focus.

My coach has been invaluable. Yes, it’s partly about the accountability of sending in a daily food diary (that helps me focus), but it’s mainly about the support and encouragement. I never look for my daily score now as it’s always 10/10. Instead, I look for the hints and tips such as “time to increase your water intake now”, “think about having more green veg” and “how about increasing your exercise”.

Every time I’ve taken their advice it has worked – and that’s why I’ll continue to use a coach until I’m happy with my weight and have maintained it.

I’m glad Sustain stopped talking about a 12 week plan – because for me it will take a lot longer than 12 weeks, and I wanted a plan that fits me!’‘

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Daily Coaching

13 week programme


  • 1-2-1 expert coaching
  • 100% personalised advice
  • Daily support and accountability


  • Quick and easy food portion sizing system
  • Family friendly plan
  • No restrictive dieting
  • Learn how to balance treats


  • End bad habits and build healthy ones.
  • Learn how to set goals
  • Discover how to stay motivated
  • Willpower training and techniques


  • Variety of training plans suitable for all levels
  • Personalised advice and education
  • Home and gym workout available


Elite Coaching

13 week programme

Everything in the Daily Coaching plan plus:

  • Access to the most experienced Sustain coaches, with a decade of client experience to help you
  • Unrivalled depth of support - weekly calls, daily emails, instant messenger when you need
  • A new approach - getting to the root of WHY. We've studied and worked in the field of fat loss for so long that we are skilled to get to the root of the mindsets and habits that block you, often unknowingly. We find the skills you've never been taught and educate you into actioning these long term.

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