Episode 88 - How Lorna lost 2 stone without counting calories

Season #2 Episode #88

...and still eating pizza every weekend with prosecco and chocolate 

Is actually the full title of this podcast but it just felt a little too wordy!

Check out Lorna's Sustain journey to happiness in our latest podcast.

Her story reads sadly like a typical tick list of our clients before we get our supportive hands on them.

* Tried and tested every diet going (some more than once)

* Frustrated at still not being where they want to be

* Confused about what they should or even could do differently 

* Sick of feeling like a failure

* Still wanting to change

The last one for me is the most important and exciting, I love working with people who are wanting more, not willing to take where they are.

We can fix all the others but only if people really want to change.

If any of these resonate with you or if you want to get results like Lorna did then please get in touch and lets have a chat.