Episode 114 - Why Diets Fail With Dr Ashley Lucas

Season #3

In todays episode we are joined by Dr Ashley Lucas.  

PHD Weight loss Founder, Dr Ashley Lucas, holds a PhD in Sports nutrition and chronic disease and is also a Registered Dietitian (RD). She comes to the field of nutrition and weight management with a unique background as she was previously a professional ballet dancer.

Her career was constantly met with injury and a struggle to meet the required ballet-specific body type. As a result, she retired from her professional dancing career, understood the importance nutrition played in her own athletic performance, and started along her path to becoming an expert in the field of nutrition and wellness.  

Following 15+ years of research and clinical practice, Dr. Lucas developed PHD’s science-based approach that revolutionized the science of weight loss. Her approach focuses on metabolic wellness, inflammation reduction, and behavioral/emotional support that creates profound sustainable transformation in the body and mind.  

We hope you enjoy the episode and thanks as always for listening.