Do you need more motivation?

habits mindset Jul 06, 2022

In a recent poll, 78% of responders said loss of motivation was their primary struggle in achieving the results they desire.

A quick google defines motivation as "a reason for acting in a particular way" and "willingness to do something"

As is almost always the case people look externally when they need to look internally.

Motivation is often seen as a mythical ether that descends onto people at will and leaves equally as mysteriously.

This is a big part of the issue as it's completely missing the point.

As per the definition, motivation is YOUR reason to act. It is your willingness to do something.

Your reasons are your own. If you focus on them, you will feel them more. If you don't focus on them and tell yourself the opposite then your motivation will drop.

Let's put this into an example.

How often do you write or talk about your goals and why they matter to you?

They are a daily practice for those on our coaching plans.

How often do you scroll through Instagram, magazines or whatever and look at food? How often do you say things like "I love X" or "I really miss eating Y"? And of this internal, counterproductive chatter, how often is this unchallenged?

In my experience, most people spend no time focussing on their goals, and at least daily, but more like hourly, talk or think about food unchecked.

Both of these erode your motivation and take you, miniscule step by miniscule step, closer to a place of apathy and no motivation.

As such, you can control this and make yourself feel more motivated.

You can proactively focus on your goals by writing them down.

You can track your progress by recording your food and exercise, weighing and measuring yourself.

You can challenge your thoughts by writing or talking them through and assessing them.

No one else can do any of these things for you.

So I urge you, with your desire for extra motivation, to do the work. It is only you who can do this and only you who really cares. So be proactive and take the steps necessary to get where you want to be.

(To a degree) we can outsource food through meal prep services. We can outsource exercise with a PT. And if you'd like to outsource your motivation comment "motivate" on the Facebook post here and I'll send you our motivation guides to help you on your journey.