How is Sustain different to the Body Coach?

Apr 19, 2021

Following the massive success of Joe Wickes Body Coach plan many people are looking for the next option. Either because they didn’t find success with his plan, they have plateaued following it or simply want to try something new. How do we differ or compare? This is one of the most common questions we get asked so below are some of the differences in the plan, pieced together using quotes from our Sustain Nation group. Whilst we can explain the purpose of our plan it is much more effective for our clients who have followed it to explain the differences to you!

1 – More flexibility

By giving people parameters to choose their foods (protein, fats, vegetables and carbohydrates) this enables our clients to choose the foods that work for them and their families. This means meals out, nights out and just day to day eating can all be personalised around your tastes and preferences.

2 – Not weighing food

At Sustain we don’t give weights of foods. For 99% of our clients they get immediate results without ever using weighing scales. We focus on food quality first so your appetite regulates itself and then look at portion sizing later down the line. We are happy to work with macros and weight but feel for the vast majority it isn’t needed or Sustainable (you’ll notice a theme here!)

3 – More support

Many people know what to eat, they just struggle to apply it consistently. By speaking to a coach every single day you receive near instant feedback as to how to improve. Knowing that you have to report your food to a human being means that you are accountable, and for many this makes a huge difference in making the right decisions for their goals.

4 – Sustainable long term

We set out with the vision of educating people so they don’t need us forever. By teaching people how to choose the rights foods for them, as well as moderating sweet treats our clients are able to follow the plan long term. No set menus means people can eat with their friends and family without going off plan or feeling guilty they aren’t following the system.

5 – Learning / education

By giving people the “Ten Calorie Control Habits” to follow they have to think for themselves and engage with the plan. “You can eat whatever you want” is one of our catchphrases as we are simply here to coach and guide, not instruct. This, alongside our educational videos, means people know why they are eating what they are, which in turn puts them in control and makes the habits internal, rather than externally imposed and therefore more effective in the long run.