Your little stories are holding you back

Apr 19, 2022

"I just need more motivation"

"I need to sort my exercise"

"I'll get to it later / when life calms down"

"It needs to be sustainable for me"

It's these stories and statements that are repeated over and over that need adjusting.

Not a feeling of being motivated. Not more steps or exercise. Not less going on. Not a more balanced approach.

And yes, of course, these things are the component parts of a fat loss journey. But they are the branches, not the roots.

Your mind is the root of all of the changes that you desire.

There are often multiple, interlinked issues and in my experience it's never one adjustment to the process that changes failure to success.

And I'm not (prepare for weekly fire proofing message) saying that there are solutions to every problem.

There are many times when there is no other option. When you are doing the most you can. Or you do need to wait for a better time.

But what percentage of times have you said this and it's not been true?

In my vast experience, it's a lot. There is almost always more you could be doing and better results that could be had, if you just challenged the inner story you keep telling yourself, then things can and will change.

There is a solution to every problem. Someone out there has it worse than you and is doing better. So be inspired by them! Don't be a hater and justify why it's different for them.

Many people will have an inclination to do this. And that's fine, that is how some (most) people are wired. BUT your conscious thoughts can challenge your subconscious ones.

Go outside of your comfort zone, don't accept half arsed mediocrity, look for more.

And how can you force your own hand?


If I offered you £1 million. A date night with Tom Hardy. Or a day and night off from the family if you put extra effort into your fat loss this week then would you be able to? 99% of people would find a way.

This PROVES that it can be done! So it's your approach, rather than the circumstances.

And how am I personally overcoming my inner stories?

If I don't get up when my alarm goes off (5am), if I don't stick to my meal plan each day and I don't make a video each day about my fat loss efforts, then it's £10 for each indiscretion to the Britain First movement, as they stand for ideals opposite to my own. This is leverage as there are consequences to my actions.

Normally if I (or you) skip the gym, wake up late or eat what we fancy then there are no immediate consequences. There is nothing to force our hands and so we slack off or put it off until tomorrow / "Start again next Monday".

Humans dislike losing money MORE than they like winning it. So by using this "anti-charity" approach it forces me to act.

I am choosing to focus on the component parts of success for me (early starts, eating well and being accountable for this) and my aim is to not give a penny of my own money away over the next 6 weeks!

And what is stopping you from doing this? You can choose an amount specific to you.

"I need to be accountable to me though"

Just another story! If it isn't working then do something else! Looking over my food logs I have struggled for consistency for months and so a new strategy is needed.

If I continue with the same approach that got me to this point then the results will be the same. And it's the same for you too.