Is more food more pleasure?

Apr 29, 2022
Eating food is ALWAYS pleasurable. So often when people make repeated high calorie decisions (myself included) and they’re asked if there's anything they'd do differently, the often heard reply is:
 The lack of the answer to the question asked is pretty insightful.
If you’re trying to lose weight then is that a good enough reason to eat something that slows your progress?
Is it worth eating or drinking these things to spend more time overweight or not where you want to be?
Having cut out high calorie food for the majority of last week and this week so far, I have (once again) been reminded that high calorie food does not determine the pleasure in my life.
When I have these things LESS I enjoy them MORE. I get more pleasure from less high calorie food and I get the result I desire. I am happier with how I look and I feel more in control.
We spend so long telling ourselves how great food is and how much it adds to our life. If that is fully true then why are you trying to lose weight?
There is a disconnect here. An inconsistency. A red flag.
If you have what you want, you deprive yourself of what you want.
If you don’t have what you want, you get what you really want.
Looking and feeling good is the gift that gives you something everyday. This can’t be said for food. It is a gift today that takes from you everyday you don’t make that sacrifice.
Where we live in Harrogate the grass is lined with cherry blossom. This flowers for just 2 weeks every year and it looks amazing. People flood to it for picnics and photos. Lots and lots and lots of photos.
If it was there everyday it wouldn’t be appreciated. I’d take it for granted. This is the same for high calorie food.
If you have it every day, it takes the shine off and you lose the appreciation. When it’s had less often you appreciate it more.
Restriction isn't the same as feeling restricted. It depends where you focus.
Ultimately to lose weight there has to be SOME restriction somewhere. You could argue high calorie food and drink in fat gaining proportions is restricting you from living a healthy, happy life.
If you can focus on how much you enjoy it when you do have it and focus on how great you feel as a result of not having it, that's a much more positive feeling and approach. In fact, it's hard to call that a restriction.