Overcoming the voice in your head that makes you eat

emotional eating mindset Jun 28, 2022

Most people want to lose weight and keep it off in order to live healthier, happier lives.

My job and purpose is to help as many people to do this as possible.

I do not focus mainly on what foods to eat and what exercise to do.


I readily admit that these are the actions that it takes to lose weight and keep it off long term.

But there is something underneath this. There is a root that most people have no idea how to impact.The way they think is the biggest impactor on the food they eat and how frequently, intensely and what kind of exercise they do.

And this is why I focus so much here. If you have a stone in your shoe you don't take a paracetamol (do you?!). In order to live healthier, happier lives long term we must fix the root problem.

Our mindset is that problem, and the part most people miss is that the inner voice in their head is not always their own thoughts.

There is a constant stream of subconscious thoughts rolling through our head day in and day out. Only when we begin to separate this out can we be successful.

Lie ins, watching TV, skipping the gym, not doing my accounts, eating what I want are my daily temptations. Hell, I love writing and they all sound more appetising (pun intended) than continuing to do this.

But what is the reality of those things in excess? Less impact, less success, less happiness, less purpose. Probably bed sores, a fat arse and low self confidence.

What we want NOW isn't only not what we want long term, it is often completely at odds with what we want long term.

The better you get at separating out these thoughts and becoming more conscious of what is helpful and what isn't, what is true in the long term and learn the ability to delay gratification, then the more successful you will be.

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