Sustain Nutrition - Chewing the Fat

Sustain Nutrition - Chewing the Fat

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Joe & James will be discussing all things nutrition, training and mindset in their own special way plus the occasional special guest & of course Fenton the dog.


Episode 54 - The Death of the Chicken, Broccoli and Tupperware Diet

Season #1 Episode #54

We are going to flip what you already think a diet needs to be on its head! Advice on how to eat out and still make progress, how to make your food fit your life, how to eat good food on the move and how to eat you...
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Episode 53 - Common Sense Fat Loss

Season #1 Episode #53

We are just spit balling a few common mistakes and simple fixes for them. How to break down some of your current issues and what to do about it Just some straight forward common sense shizzle! Thanks for listening,...
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Episode 52 - Dieting at the Weekend

Season #1 Episode #52

Weekends are nearly ALWAYS tripping points for people when on a Diet We have a chat about why this always happens and of course how we recommend people combat it ''Put the Cookie down!'' Thanks for listening as always!
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Episode 51 - Mental Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Season #1 Episode #51

Just touching on the connection between fitness, nutrition and mindset can play on your mental health We are certainly no experts so this is all opinion based and just from our experience and knowledge
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Episode 50 - The Vegetarian One

Season #1 Episode #50

Bit of an informal chat today between us about the pros and cons, benefits and potential mistakes we see from turning vegetarian or vegan. Our personal thoughts on the movement and experiences As always thanks for...
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Episode 49 - The Harsh Truths

Season #1 Episode #49

OK, this one might sting a littleĀ  BUT... We might well cover some of the things that have been consistently holding you back so don't give up on us just yet! Grab a cup of tea, take a deep breath and count to...
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Episode 48 - Fat Shaming

Season #1 Episode #48

We seem to have entered a period of time where people can be hypercritical about certain comments Is this justified, is there a place for honest criticism, what do we view as 'Fat Shaming' and what are our opinions on...
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Episode 47 - Is it Really Just calories in V's Calories out?

Season #1 Episode #47

Is weight loss as simple as just taking in fewer calories than you have going out. Is it just a case of keeping the 'books balanced' or is there more to it? As always thanks for listening and keep the podcast...
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Episode 46 - Dieting Dilemas

Season #1 Episode #46

In today's episode we cover quite a few of the very common mistakes we often see with clients starting a new diet Mindset, Outlook and stressing about certain food choices are all covered What to look out for and what...
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Episode 45 - Diet Challenge Tips

Season #1 Episode #45

September sees the launch of our second 28 day challenge Here is a quick breakdown of what the challenge entails and how we would approach it personally Get some insider info on how we work with clients and also in...
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Episode 44 - Why a Grown up Mindset is crucial

Season #1 Episode #44

Chewing the Fat over this one! Disclaimer - we messed up the recording so the intro is missing but don't worry the content is obviously still GOLD! Mindset is key to success and all too often hugely overlooked Get...
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Episode 43 - The TRUTH about HAPPY Dieting

Season #1 Episode #43

But controversial on this one and in some places contradictory! You will need to listen to find out... Thanks as always for listening!
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