Sustain Nutrition - Chewing the Fat

Sustain Nutrition - Chewing the Fat

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Joe & James will be discussing all things nutrition, training and mindset in their own special way plus the occasional special guest & of course Fenton the dog.


Episode 100 - The Sustain Journey So Far...

Season #2

With this being a landmark episode we thought we would commemorate it by having a look backwards and see just how far we have come personally and also with Sustain. Get ready for a step by step, warts and all, highs...
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Episode 99 - Extreme Ownership

Season #2 Episode #99

A very powerful episode this one. A few tough home truths too. Today we explore the benefits of taking 'Extreme Ownership' of your choices and also discuss Fixed V's Growth Mindsets. This one is sure to make you...
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Episode 98 - Common Diet Mistakes

Season #2 Episode #98

We have seen A LOT of mistakes when people start dieting. From people thinking the only way to lose weight is through massive restriction and struggle to people falling into a terrible relationship with food thinking...
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Episode 97 - MOTIVATION

Season #2 Episode #97

Motivation is often seen as the key to any successful diet....but is it really?
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Episode 96 - Starvation Mode - Fact Vs Fiction

Season #2 Episode #96

'Starvation Mode' is one of those strange terms you hear thrown around these days quite often but what is it? It tends to be the idea that you are actually not eating ENOUGH food to lose weight... That you are eating...
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Episode 95 - What Life Long Fat Loss Really Takes

Season #2 Episode #95

As the name 'Sustain Nutrition' should suggest we are not some kind of rapid results, massively restrictive program. We are 100% about helping clients get into the best position possible for life long changes and...
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Episode 94 - Majors over Minors

Season #2 Episode #94

Fat loss IS simple (that doesn't mean it's easy btw) We do see so many people over complicating things when it comes to fat loss sadly. People are super motivated to change and apply tonnes of effort just sadly into...
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Episode 93 - How to Maintain Your Results

Season #2 Episode #93

Sick of smashing a diet only to rebound and gain all the weight back shortly after? We talk through some very simple tactics and techniques you can use to successfully maintain your results once you reach your...
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Episode 92 - Fast Versus Slow Fat Loss

Season #2 Episode #92

Talking about the Pros and Cons of both fast and slow fat loss. What actually is 'Slow Fat Loss' When can Fast fat loss be beneficial. How to decide which is the best approach for you. Thanks as always for listening...
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Episode 91 - The Power of Habit Forming

Season #2 Episode #91

#habitsmakeresults have echoed through our entire coaching plan since day 1. Today we discuss just why these are so important to creating life changing and life long results. Sure 12 week transformations are cool BUT...
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Episode 90 - What is REALLY holding you back

Season #2 Episode #90

Deep dive into the REAL reason you are not where you want to be... CLUE - it's quite possibly not what you think it is...
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Episode 89 - Sustain Fat Loss Sat Nav Pt 2 - Power of Planning

Season #2 Episode #87

Welcome to the second instalment of our Fat Loss Sat Nav. Over the coming podcasts, we will be breaking down the core essentials you need to be successful, giving you all the tools you will need to be successful and...
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