Sustain Nutrition - Chewing the Fat

Sustain Nutrition - Chewing the Fat

Hosted by: Sustain Nutrition

Joe & James will be discussing all things nutrition, training and mindset in their own special way plus the occasional special guest & of course Fenton the dog.


Helena's Sustain Journey

Season #1 Episode #1

Helena lost 2st BUT gained control, confidence, pride, knowledge and freedom. Being a Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor herself she knew EXACTLY what she should be doing but couldn’t understand why she wasn’t doing...
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Episode 65 - What are you WILLING to do?

Season #1 Episode #65

Today's podcast is sparked by a conversation with a client. Are you actually prepared to do whats needed or is it even possible for you to achieve the goals you have set? Can you compare yourself to what you have...
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Episode 64 - The Willpower Epsiode

Season #1 Episode #64

People will often go on about Willpower and Motivation when it comes to fat loss How it comes and goes How important it is  How its so needed We share our thoughts on the subject in the usual style Thanks as always...
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Episode 63 - Why WE have a coach

Season #1 Episode #63

Slightly different to our usual podcast of offering advice but think its important for us to share our journey with you too. Today we are sharing the exciting news that we have invested pretty highly into a coach for...
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Episode 62 - Make 2020 your Best Year Yet

Season #1 Episode #62

Episode 62 - Make 2020 your Best Year Yet It's a Biggie today! We are going to share with you some essential tips to help you set up for your best year yet. Are you ready? Let us know what you think and any questions...
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Episode 61 - 10 Fat Loss Tips for 2020

Season #1 Episode #61

Quick run down on our top 10 tips to help you get in the best shape in 2020 Some absolute fire going on in this countdown! Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it
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Episode 60 - Sleep, Health & Fat Loss

Season #1 Episode #60

We talk about the importance of sleep, how it can affect your health and your fat loss and also how you can improve your own sleep quality Thanks as always for listening, please like and subscribe We really appreciate it
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Episode 59 - Food Labels and Exercise guides

Season #1 Episode #59

Todays Hot Topic! We discuss the possible Government movement of adding exercise guidelines in accordance to the calorie value of foods Do we think it would work? Do we think its a good idea? What do we feel could...
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Episode 58 - Sustain Guide to Boozing and Hangovers

Season #1 Episode #58

Tis the season to get Merry! We discuss a few easy ways to still indulge without OVER indulging over the festive period What you can do to limit any excess calories on your nights out and of course how to handle the...
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Episode 57 - How to Avoid the 'Santa Bod' this Christmas

Season #1 Episode #57

We share some Top Tips, tactics and techniques on how you can still enjoy the Festive Season and all that goes with it but Avoid all the usual Festive Flubber you usually pile on. We have some cracking pointers that...
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Episode 56 - Why you don't Maintain your weight

Season #1 Episode #56

If you continue to Diet - lose weight - Gain it back -  then this is the podcast for you We go into some really common pitfalls we see with our clients and also with in the industry that prevents people from...
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Episode 55 - The REAL reason you are FAT

Season #1 Episode #55

Feel like this title could kick the Hornet's nest a little but give it a listen before you decide to email me back you might just hear something you agree with after all Thanks as always for listening
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